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Travel by Design

A full-service, boutique travel design firm for the discerning and curious guest.


Pollock & Green is a luxury travel consultancy that curates immersive experiences through every uncompromised detail of your journey.

"She even introduced us to a local that toured us around for a full day of experiences. She unlocked tons of perks at each hotel and we got treated like royalty." Read more >

Expert travel planning, experiential adventures and tailor-made itineraries to destinations both familiar and unknown.

Pollock and Green Luxury Travel Advisors
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Pollock and Green Luxury Travel Advisors

From an unparalleled East African safari that takes you through the remote wilderness of the Serengeti to the sun-kissed and tranquil shores of the Amalfi Coast where time stands still, Pollock & Green expertly navigates and negotiates every detail of your trip.

Research & Recommendations 

Bespoke Itineraries 

Travel Booking 

VIP Perks & Exclusive Access 

Travel Support  

At Pollock & Green, we believe travel uplifts our spirits, satisfies our senses and gives us perspective.

We invite you to experience the difference when you travel by design.

Our Travel Partners

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Pollock & Green Luxury Travel Advisors
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